It's the sitcom comeback that Friends fans have been crying out for and here it sort of is; Rachel, Phoebe and Monica all back together again and even fooling around by a water feature.

These fun snaps of Friends stars Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox were taken during a "girls night" before being shared by Kudrow and Cox on their Instagram feeds.

It's hard to know if Kudrow was teasing fans or trolling them when she captioned her photo "Halfway there...", which could be a strong hint that the girls are up for returning to their iconic roles on the still wildly popular sitcom.

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Halfway there... #girlsnight #?

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Cox also posted a goofy snap from the night, saying "Trying to figure out what to say on Instagram...". Apparently she couldn't figure out anything because she then dropped the hashtag #gotnothing.


But, perhaps hashtags speak louder than words because she also teasingly added #friends to the post. Could that BE another hint?

The girls have shown they're still there for each other and the show, but what about the lads?

With no responses from Ross, Joey or Chandler - or the actors who played them - it would appear they're still on a break.