It's truly a case of don't call him, he'll call you. That's because Jack White, former frontman of garage rock superstars The White Stripes does not - and has not ever - owned a cellphone.

Not only that, he thinks people that do - people like, say, you and I - "look silly" using our phones.

White, a famous technophobe, dropped this bombshell in an interview on the UK's Channel 4 where he was promoting the upcoming new album from his side project band The Raconteurs.

"I've never owned one, so when I'm out there I'm an anomaly and I'm looking at everybody. To me, everybody looks silly," White said. "For someone like me, who is one of the few who doesn't own a cellphone, it is pretty funny to walk down the street and see everyone doing this."


"If you can't just put that [mobile phone] down for an hour and experience life in a real way, that's sad."

Despite his determined resistance to conveniently keeping in touch with friends and loved ones the rocker retained a zen outlook.

"You're like, 'Whatever, it's their lives'," he philosophised, before getting prophetic about what the future may hold for telecommunications.

"Who knows? Maybe this is the way everything is going to be from now on. I have no idea and nobody really does," he admitted. "Maybe it'll turn to implants. Probably it'll turn into a microchip behind our eyeball or whatever."