A clip has surfaced online of Married At First Sight without editing or music, and brace yourself, it's awkward.

Channel 9 has released a raw version on YouTube of one of the most dramatic commitment ceremonies of the season — when Jess Power revealed she had been having an affair with Dan Webb, reports news.com.au.

When the moment originally aired on television, it was accompanied by dramatic music and other contestants' outraged reactions.

However, in the unedited version Nine posted to YouTube last week, the reaction was decidedly more, ahem, awkward.


When Jess dropped her bombshell, instead of the animated reactions we saw on the show, the other contestants continued to sit in silence and looked uncomfortable.

The only movement came from Ning Surasiang, who fidgeted with her hair, and Mike Gunner who sarcastically clapped and cleared his throat.

Mick was the only one who seemed genuinely upset. Photo / Channel 9
Mick was the only one who seemed genuinely upset. Photo / Channel 9

Meanwhile, Jess looked bemused by everyone's awkward reactions, with her "husband" Mick Gould the only one who seemed genuinely upset.

The farmer rubbed his face in frustration and fought back tears before storming away from Jess and sitting down on another couch.

Viewers who watched the cringe-worthy clip didn't hold back in the comments, with one person labelling it "beyond awkward".

"Thought the music made it more dramatic … this silence is so much more intense and claustrophobic," another commented.

"Definition of awkward silence," one person wrote.