A young Kiwi fan was violently pushed off stage by security at the Lil Mosey Auckland concert on Tuesday night.

Video footage, captured by an audience member at The Powerstation, shows that the fan had jumped on stage in an attempt to join in on the rapper's performance.

His quick appearance on stage resulted in a security guard quickly and aggressively slamming the young Kiwi off stage, with him falling back into the mosh pit.

The horrifying moment prompted the crowd to yell in disappointment as Lil Mosey appeared unbothered as he continued the show.


Seconds later the same security guard jumped down into the mosh pit to continue aggressively pushing the fan around.

What appears to be another member of staff interceded in the altercation and dragged him by his jumper out of the venue.

Seattle hip hop artist Lil Mosey played one all-ages New Zealand show as part of his Northsbest world tour.