Sam and Lara Worthington have been the victims of a massive photo leak this week, after their intimate photos were published online without their permission.

According to the DailyMail, some 150 images of the pair have been published on various websites.

The images appear to have been taken with the famous pair's consent but their public release was certainly not authorised.

This is not the first time Lara Worthington - formerly Bingle - has been targeted.


She was at the center of a nude photo leak in 2010, when a photo of her in the shower was leaked. The photo was originally taken in 2006, during her relationship with AFL star Brendan Fevola, who denied any involvement.

Fevola was also cleared by the AFL, which released a statement saying: "Given the evidence currently available to us and the time elapsed since the alleged behaviour, the AFL has not established that a breach of our rules has occurred."

In 2012, more nude photos were leaked of Lara when she was in her own bedroom, and they even aired on television's A Current Affair.

She told an Aussie radio station at the time: "There should be a law against someone shooting inside your house... it's just not right... It's so embarrassing".