The internet has been taken over by a delightfully silly game that puns on Keanu Reeves name.

Like most addictive internet crazes its simple. First you state the actor's name then you propose a premise before summing the situation up with a pun on his surname.

This tweet by the Twitter user @imfrenchfried is credited with starting the craze.

As it turns out a remarkable amount of words rhyme with Reeves' surname and people were ready to bust them out.


But because this is the internet things quickly took a dark turn.

Before balance was restored and everyone lightened up.

Pop culture references soon surfaced.

Even celebrities couldn't resist the pull of the meme with Mike Minogue, star of Wellington Paranormal, getting meta with a Keanu reference inside a Keanu meme.

Reeves latest movie John Wick 3: Parabellum, the third movie in the John Wick movie franchise, is available for viewing at the cinema right at this point in time.

Keanu Reeves could not be reached for comment.