Married at First Sight Australia star Cyrell Paule says she was physically assaulted and subjected to racial abuse by the owner of an Australian restaurant.

In a series of Instagram posts, Paule broke down as she recalled the assault and also posted a video in which she and her partner Eden Dally can be seen arguing with two women at a restaurant called the Pelican Cafe, before one of the women attacks Paule.

Paule said the woman "thought it would be hilarious - while I'm walking down the street - to turn around and call me a 'f***ing black...'"

Love Island Australia star Dally, witnessed the attack and took over telling the story as Paule struggled with words.


"She called [Cyrell] a black monkey and came outside and tried to fight her, so I walked in the cafe and said 'what's the need to be racist and call people black monkeys?' Then she grabbed Cyrell by the throat and pushed her and I had to defend Cyrell," he said.

"And then they're pushing me and filming it, claiming that they're the victims... I'm saying why is the cafe [owner] coming out calling her a black monkey?"

Paule added tearfully: "You're a f***ing embarrassment. At the end of the day, we're still human beings. Shame on you all."

She also shared a photo of her neck with bruising and scratches on it, writing: "Thank you to the racist woman who grabbed my throat... you scratched my black monkey neck".

Photo / Instagram
Photo / Instagram

According to the Daily Mail Australia, when approached for comment, a staff member became irate and "bizarrely posed as a police officer" claiming the pair's allegations were "a load of crap" before abruptly hanging up the phone.