First, people were left shook by video footage that showed a fearful father fleeing from an avalanche leaving his family to perish. Then, they were left shook upon learning that the footage was faker than a budget brand can of Christmas snow.

After tumbling onto the Twitter yesterday evening the video went viral, flooding the social media site and clocking up over 6.5million views.

The video shows a family enjoying lunch at a ski resort when they notice a rapidly approaching avalanche. As his family freaks out the father stays cool, calm and collected, insisting it's "a controlled avalanche" and even getting out his smartphone to shoot a vid of the "totally safe" tsunami of snow barrelling towards them.

Eventually, they realise that the avalanche is far from controlled and is about to bury them in a snowy grave. Ignoring the time honoured call of 'women and children first,' the dad instead jumps up from the table and legs it, leaving his woman and children to their fate.


The video has literally left people not believing their eyes.

The rapid ascent of the video has been credited to the fact that a large number of people are sharing it without realising that it's not actually a real act of cowardice in the face of a fateful disaster. Instead, it's a movie scene from an old Oscar-nominated Swedish arthouse film called Force Majeure, which was released in 2014.

The video has also now became a popular meme with many internet jokers making quality and relatable gags.

Just goes to show that even in this day and age people can still be fooled by some good old fashioned movie magic.