*Spoilers about the season eight finale of Game of Thrones are ahead, so you've been adequately warned*

Reddit user GOTSpoilerDude took to the internet to ask if it was wrong to spoil the Game of Thrones ending - something his girlfriend had been waiting on for close to eight years, reported the Independent.

The Reddit user posted on the Am I The A**hole subreddit defending his situation because his girlfriend didn't organise a special celebration for his birthday.

The post goes: "My girlfriend and I have been going out for about a year now. Great relationship overall. We've hit a major bump though. Here's what happened:


"So I'm not into Game of Thrones. It looks cool, but I've never gotten into it. My girlfriend is a huge fan though. She's read all of the books and has been watching the series since it came out. It's by far her favorite show. [sic] The Sunday before last was the huge finale. It also happened to be my birthday. Now I'm a huge birthday guy. For her birthday, back in January, I took her out to one of the best restaurants in my city (Seattle). I also got her a necklace with real gold... and it's not like I have a six-figure income either."

He then goes on to explain the double standards between them.

Left to right: Maisie Williams, Isaac Hempstead Wright and Sophie Turner in a scene from the final episode of
Left to right: Maisie Williams, Isaac Hempstead Wright and Sophie Turner in a scene from the final episode of "Game of Thrones". Photo / Supplied

"When my birthday came around, guess how she greeted me in the morning: 'OMG the game of thrones finale is tonight. I'm literally dying!' Not even a happy birthday to me. It wasn't until we went downstairs that she realised it was my birthday. She made me toast, so that's something, I guess.

"Well, I was pretty damn disappointed she had nothing planned for me that day. Not even a gift. She's told me before she's 'not a birthday person.'

"That night, she went to her parents' place to watch the finale with her family. I was pissed at this point, so I went online and found out what happened. Just as the show was going to start, I texted her this: 'Hey babe, tell me how the show goes! Especially the part where Jon kills Daenerys, the throne is destroyed, and Bran becomes king!'"

The man concludes: "Things have been shaky since." And needless to say, his girlfriend is fuming.

Some Reddit-goers believed the girlfriend was in the wrong and his decision to spoil the ending was justified.

While another defended the girlfriend - just because he likes celebrating birthdays doesn't mean she does too.


So was it all worth it?