Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing Kura Forrester in a show before will know what a phenomenal talent she is. No matter the production, whether it be comedy, drama or improv, she always manages to be the stand-out star, always earning the biggest laughs and the loudest applause.

So it's not surprising, despite not being known as a stand-up, her second ever solo-show is already selling out. With this much goodwill surrounding her, Forrester could have phoned it in, but instead makes it clear from the get-go why she is so popular.

Kura Shoulda Woulda is focused around Forrester's life story and the events of the past year. For the most part, it's fairly straightforward stand-up, covering topics such as childhood, dating, struggling as a professional actor and squeezing some race relations in there. Forrester has a cheerful energy around her, delivering even her harshest jokes with a smile, and the relaxed atmosphere helps draw us into her world.

However, being the character actor that she is, Forrester has a few impressions and figures from her life that she works into the show. Rather than being a jumbled mess between the two, trying to juggle sketch and stand-up at the same time, the characters are slipped seamlessly into the story, their brief appearances of the likes of Rosalind and Kayla leaving you desperate for more.


And, just when you think it can't get better than it already is, Forrester delivers what is hands down one of the best stories I have ever heard at any festival. To even hint at what it contains will ruin a stunning surprise, but it's a jewel in what is a largely flawless show.

If you have ever seen Forrester in a play or on TV and know her talents, you will not want to miss this show. There is nothing particularly showy about the set, simply a dazzling, engaging comedian delivering something simple but deeply, hilariously effective.

Who: Kura Forrester, Kura Shoulda Woulda
Where: Basement Theatre, until May 25