Controversial talk-show host Piers Morgan lasted a mere five minutes before succumbing to the agony and pain of a childbirth simulator, live on TV, to the delight of viewers everywhere.

Morgan was hooked up to a TENS machine, a machine which uses electrical current and is primarily used to provide pain relief to mothers in labour.

The TV presenter was live on the Good Morning Britain show when he experienced the pain of childbirth.

The panel was discussing the topic of the birth of the Royal Baby and Prince Harry's reaction to childbirth. Morgan chimed in saying men too "suffer" during childbirth and seemed to hint that whatever suffering men might feel can be compared to the pain a woman goes through during labour and delivery.


Morgan began wincing as soon as the TENS machine was dialled up to 20, right at the start. His co-presenter explained to him that 20 is the level of pain women experience before they even consider going to hospital for delivery.

By the time the machine was up to 50, Morgan was experiencing what could somewhat be compared to the pain of a regular contraction. By then, his agony was clear and his facial expressions priceless.

He only managed to last five minutes and didn't get anywhere close to the pain women feel during the final stages of labour.

"I will never joke about childbirth again. It was utter agony," he said.