'Real men' resist K-pop

K-pop culture has been gaining popularity across the globe, but in China it is considered a decadent trend that threatens to destroy the nation's future. To combat this menace of K-pop with its delicate beauty, dyed hair and fancy clothes, a former teacher has founded the Real Man Training Club, a children's boot camp that promises to turn boys into alpha males. The Beijing-based Real Man Training Club offers members a variety of activities meant to boost their masculinity, such as American football, wrestling and boxing, as well as character-building treks through deserts and mountains. Founder Tang Haiyan leads the boys in chest beating and slogan shouting to build up their confidence, and makes them wear headbands with the words "Real Man" emblazoned on them. Even their shirts and tracksuits feature English phrases such as "Anything is Possible" or "Power Leader". (Source: Oddity Central)

Strange but true

1. There are more than 40 references to dogs in the Bible but cats are not mentioned once.

2. The "Shaggy defence" is a legal strategy in which a defendant flatly denies guilt, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

3. A "griggle" is an apple left on the tree because it's too small to pick.


4. In Portugal it is illegal to wee in the sea.

(Via Quite Interesting on Twitter)

Music to Marvin's ears

According to Mental Floss, Marvin Gaye recorded What's Going On and played it for Motown's Berry Gordy jnr, who said it was "the worst thing I heard in my life". Only after Gaye threatened to leave the label was it released, becoming a massive hit. It is considered the fourth-greatest song of all time by Rolling Stone magazine.