Live in-flight entertainment

A reader writes: "On a short domestic flight in North America, two young girls had spent most of the flight chatting and singing away. Later while waiting to disembark, a well-dressed woman in the seat in front of them turned to the two girls and in a very loud and broad Kiwi accent told them she didn't like their singing, and 'I should not have had to listen to your singing for the whole (35-minute) flight'. I took great satisfaction in telling them in what I hope was also a broad Kiwi accent that, 'I really enjoyed your singing, thanks'. And then a local woman who had sat next to the grump also put her in her place by adding that 'I am a professor of music and I would have given you girls an A+'."

One that wasn't for the road

"While enjoying some fine dining and the seven-course degustation with matching wines at The Grove last Thursday, my husband and I were offered a drop of South African wine," writes a reader. "It came with words of wisdom: 'DON'T DRINK AND WALK ON THE ROAD YOU MAY BE KILLED'. Needless to say we took on board the directions and at the end of the night stayed strictly on the footpath before jumping into an Uber."

Mondegreen confessions

1. "The Lord's Prayer mondegreen reminded me that when my daughter was small we would take her to church where a regularly recited prayer included the line, 'He has spoken through the prophets'. One day I realised my daughter was saying, 'He has spoken through the pirates'."

2. Maureen Bailey writes: "For years my mother would bop around the house singing along to Cheryl Moana Marie, as she loved it. One day, I was listening to her as I read a book, and had hysterics when I realised she was actually singing — 'Share all your marbles with me'. She was most indignant when I corrected her and stated that he should have clearer diction. I miss her humour now she's gone."


Who doesn't love a great correction?

Who doesn't love a great correction? (Via Kiwi Journalists Association Facebook Page)
Who doesn't love a great correction? (Via Kiwi Journalists Association Facebook Page)