The Twilight Zone - TVNZ OnDemand

Famously, The Twilight Zone lies somewhere between science and superstition and the pit of human fears and knowledge. Which is just a long-winded way of saying its stories are creepy as. Creator and mastermind Rod Serling's original series from back in the late 1950s still has the power to unnerve and bug you out - if you can handle its slow-burn pace - but for modern viewers this reboot will be the way to go. If anyone was capable of picking up where Serling left off, it's director Jordan Peele, whose acclaimed breakthrough thriller, Get Out, and his recent hit, Us, play out like stories from that freaky fifth dimension. Peele takes over from Serling as the series narrator and, like his predecessor, has become involved in the writing as well. Although there's more competition in sci-fi/paranormal/horror anthology series with a shock twist ending these days, most notably Netflix's Black Mirror, we're very excited to see just how far out there Peele pushes into The Twilight Zone. Episodes land weekly.

Frozen - Neon

The animated juggernaut that is Disney's Frozen has just slid on to Neon ensuring that every household with children will be ringing out with the dramatic pop-pomp of Let It Go for the next few months. This empowering modern fable of princess sisters Elsa and Anna holds an almost hypnotic grip on kids so it's a good thing it has high adult appeal as well. For the first viewing at least. It does get a little tired when you're sitting through your child-demanded fourth viewing in as many days . . . But on the plus side you'll be well versed for the upcoming sequel that'll be taking over cinemas in November. Streaming now.

You vs Wild - Netflix

If you've ever watched survivalist Bear Grylls running around the desert, or the jungle, or whatever other hellscape he's parachuted into to demonstrate how to survive and thought, "Pffft . . . that don't look so hard," well, now's the chance to put your money where your mouth is. You vs Wild is the latest in Netflix's Pick-A-Path shows that present you with two options and ask you to choose which to take. Here, you'll have Grylls' life in your hands as the renowned action-man foolishly turns to you, a couch potato, for guidance on surviving various wild encounters and dangerous situations. Grylls old buddy, it was nice knowing you ... Have a crack at surviving now.


Xena: Warrior Princess - Lightbox

Like a modern-day treasure hunter we had to dig deep into the Lightbox catalogue to unearth this worldly treasure. But by Jove was it worth it. Because cast your eyes on what we found, Xena: Warrior Princess! New Zealand's late-90s gift to television screens worldwide. Amazing. While the full series run isn't yet available - uh, why exactly, Lightbox? - there's still plenty of Lucy Lawless' original ass-kicking heroine to churn though. We're talking the entirety of the first three seasons. Which means you could binge for almost three day straight before running out of Xena. Naturally, we don't advise doing so but we certainly won't blame you for trying. Streaming now.