Glenn Close, Anne Hathaway, Dua Lipa, Ellie Goulding and Maisie Williams are among the stars to share their devastation at Notre-Dame Cathedral burning down.

The historical landmark in Paris, France, went up in flames on Monday evening, consuming the roof and causing its towering spire to collapse.

Glenn took to Instagram to share her own personal "grief" at seeing the world famous medieval building - which is considered to be one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture - being destroyed.

Alongside a picture of Notre-Dame, the star wrote on Instagram: "I feel grief in my stomach, watching Notre Dame burn. Until this moment, I didn't realize how much it has meant to me, knowing it was there, seemingly indestructible. My heart goes out to all French men and women, to all Parisians everywhere, who are shocked and grieved by such a terrible blow to the heart of their city...their country. In an unstable world, great and venerable monuments are vital to our collective wellbeing. We need the comfort and sublimity of mankind's highest architectural expressions--no matter what religion. May Notre Dame find healing, over the coming years. May we all experience that healing together.


#notredame #notredame #notredamecathedral #bascilicaofnotredame #gargoylesofnotredame (sic)"

Anne Hathaway shared a stunning picture of the cathedral's glass-stained window, and admitted she was reduced to tears seeing it burn in front of her eyes.

She captioned the Instagram picture: "I know this is an inspired representation of an even greater divinity. I know this blessed place is a human-made interpretation of what is mysterious, unknowable, and undefinable and while seeing her burn brings tears to my eyes, I know even flames cannot diminish her sacredness.

Still, not her. Please. Not her. #notredame #ourlady (sic)"

Pop superstar Dua shared a video of the spire collapsing, and tweeted: "So much history collapsing right before our eyes. Heartbroken for Notre-Dame and Paris."

Ellie said she was "praying" for the "utterly heartbreaking" blaze to be contained and admitted she doesn't pray "often".

She wrote on Twitter: "Feel profoundly sad about this... so much lost in a few seconds ... I am praying (which I don't do often) for the fire to be contained soon .... utterly heartbreaking."

Whilst Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams interrupted her 22nd birthday celebrations to share her "pain" at the disaster.


She added to her own page on the micro-blogging site: "Interrupting my birthday to express how much pain I'm in watching the Notre Dame fire unfold. Such an incredible building. I'm so sad."

Luther actor Idris Elba was also among those to pay tribute to Notre-Dame.

He tweeted: "I cannot believe what's happening to Notre Dame."

'Havana' hitmaker Camila Cabello said: "my heart is breaking seeing the fire at notre dame. I'll never forget walking in the first time in Paris and being in awe of the beauty of it. (sic)