A Radio Hauraki listener who won $500 on the Matt & Jerry Show donated his winnings to the survivors and families of the victims of the Christchurch terror attack.

The radio station runs a competition where if they play half a song between 6am and 6pm, the 5th caller could win $500.

But what was unexpected is that the caller decided to give his winnings away - in an incredible gesture.

During the Radio Hauraki breakfast show, presenter Jeremy Wells told Calvin over the phone he was the lucky number 5 caller.


"No way, you beauty," Calvin said sounding stoked.

When asked what he was going to the with the money, Calvin revealed he would give some of it to the victims of last Friday's terror attack that killed 50 in Christchurch.

"I was just a bit touched with some of the stories this morning from you lads, some of that can go down there I reckon, to Christchurch," Calvin said.

Wells said that his donation would be a wonderful thing, before Calvin jumped in and told them to give it all to Christchurch.

"Just give it all to Christchurch, don't bother with me ... it's got to be done," Calvin said.

Wells responded grateful saying: "Good on yah Calvin, what a lovely thing to do ... we would be happy to do that for you my friend."

"I'll tell you what Calvin, I will give you $500 and we will take this $500 and we'll give that to Christchurch."