Hip-hop superstar Drake halted his concert in Paris at the weekend to acknowledge the Christchurch mosque shootings and those affected.

The Hotline Bling rapper told fans: "I saw some really terrible things happened in New Zealand, I just want to talk about it because a lot of my friends and a lot of people I work with are from a Muslim background.

"I want you to know, that when there's terrible things going on in the world, we can still look around this room tonight and see something beautiful because we've got all people of all races, all places, all religions and look, we're in here showing love tonight."

He continued: "I want send my love to all the families that were affected. We're praying for you and will spread more love just like this across the world. Paris, I'm proud of you all tonight. I love you all."


Drake joins a host of other celebrities who have paid tribute to New Zealand and our Muslim community following Friday's attacks, which have left 50 people dead and dozens hospitalised.

Fellow rapper Nicki Minaj also tweeted saying: "My heart is with our Muslim brothers and sisters at this time after the senseless act in New Zealand".

Chance the Rapper posted: "I've always loved New Zealand. It's such a beautiful, welcoming and once safe place that I've many times talked of moving to.

"I'm devastated by the murder of 49 innocent people in what is only the latest event in the growing number of radical white-nationalist terrorist attacks. White-nationalist can also be read 'white supremicist.'"