My first job was …

as lifeguard and swimming instructor, from the age of 15 to 17.

It taught me … That I hate getting up early and don't like being in a bathing suit in public. And I don't like being in the sun. And I'm not particularly good at working with kids. But it was still an amazing job because you get paid way better than you do folding underwear at the mall or working in a pizza place - and a perk of hanging out at the beach all day is that you get to flirt with a lot of half-naked people.

My big break came … when I started my blog, Slutever, on a whim one hungover Wednesday afternoon when I was 21, which unwittingly launched my entire career. At that time I was living in a squat, an abandoned hostel in London with around 12 other people, all of us in our early 20s. We imagined ourselves as this sort of egalitarian, freegan mini-society, but in reality it was more just a bunch of fake artists getting wasted for a living. It was the sort of house where it wasn't out of the ordinary to come home to a living room full of naked people on DMT conducting some sort of makeshift ritual. So I started writing the blog, intending mainly to create a written record of my life at the time. At the beginning, the only people who read it were the people I lived with. Over time it organically turned into a blog that dealt mainly with sex. When I was 24 I started working for a dominatrix, got more interested in BSDM and sex work, and the psychology around sexual desires, and then it grew from there.

The last job I quit was … working as an escort, about two years ago. It was fun and thrilling and changed my life in a variety of positive ways, but it's very emotionally demanding and I had maxed-out on it.

The most famous person I've ever met is … either Steven Spielberg or Paris Hilton. Who is more famous?


The best time I've had on set was … filming season 2 of Slutever, on set with a group of Brooklynite witches who taught me how to cast spells with my orgasms. We used these special dildos made out of rose quartz crystal called Chakrubs - very glamorous.

But the worst was … in Japan, when we were interviewing a dominatrix about her work but we had a really bad translator and no one understood WTF anyone was saying. It was super-awkward and we had to scrap all the footage. On the plus side, we got to see a very cool Japanese dungeon in the process.

• Slutever Season 2 premieres on Vice, Monday at 7.30pm, while season one is available to stream on Neon from next Thursday.