ZM hosts and the West Auckland man who received the text from his neighbour who complained about his Poi E alarm decided to give the annoyed resident a call — which ended with awkward results.

A photo of the text message between Johnny Staiger and the disgruntled neighbour has gone viral over the last few days, so ZM's Bree & Clint decided to bring Staiger in the studio.

He reveals to the hosts that the neighbour is actually his landlord before reading the text aloud to listeners.

Kiwi shared a photo of a text message received from a
Kiwi shared a photo of a text message received from a "friend's friend" yesterday, revealing how their neighbour has had enough of waking up to the Poi E every morning. Photo / Reddit

"Hi, [name censored]. Can you please change your alarm to any song that isn't Poi E?" the text read.


"Waking up to a loud Maori lady screaming at 6am was OK for the first 3 months but it's getting kind of old."

Bree then explains that The Hot Mess Express duo came up with a plan to call the landlord and play Poi E down the line.

"Sounds like a plan to me," Staiger replies as Bree chuckles.

"I hope he is in a good mood," Clint says sarcastically while the phone rings.

As soon as the landlord answers they loudly play the Poi E tune on speakers.

The man hangs up within seconds and three of them burst out laughing.

The text message that originally went viral on Reddit gathered a big response on the social media platform, with one person agreeing with the neighbour.

"I like Poi E but hearing it at 0600 every morning for three months I would get sick of it as well," a person commented.


One person wrote: "I think the takeaway here was she enjoyed it for the first 3 months. Next track on the CD?"

Others suggested new alarms to try out, with some requests being quite bizarre.

"Could go for movie soundtrack ... COOK YOUR OWN F**** EGGS JAKE HEKE," a person suggested.

Another proposed a childhood classic saying: "What's the Time Mr Wolf would be great."

"Maybe try Jono and Ben's countdown ... see if they notice?", a person asked.

One person claimed that the Sponge Bob Square Pants theme song is the best alarm.

"You can never get angry at Sponge Bob," they wrote.

Other bangers mentioned were Robin Williams Good Morning Vietnam featuring Louis Armstrong, So What by Metallica and Guillotine by Death Grips.