For those who loved playing Mario Karts as a kid and looking for a bit of 90's nostalgia will be happy to hear that Nintendo is bringing the game back on smartphones.

A mobile version of the much-loved Mario Kart games is being released this year, Nintendo has announced.

The company made announcement last year, saying Mario Kart would finally hit app stores in 2019.

"The chequered flag has been raised, and the finish line is near. Releasing in the fiscal year ending in March 2019."


Mario Kart Tour will be released on Android and iOS in a few months' time, with more details to come during the coming weeks.

The smartphone version is thought to include the popular in-game tournament, Mushroom Cup and the Luigi Raceway, which is the first race track in the game.

It is believed to also have Yoshi Valley, Koopa Troopa Beach, Kalimari Desert, and the Choco Mountain.

The game is set to challenge other popular smartphone games like Candy Crush currently played by millions around the world.

The first Super Mario Kart launched in 1992 on the SNES systems, and in 1996 Nintendo rolled out a revamped version of Mario Kart for N64.

Super Mario Kart 64 was the second-best selling game of that year with 10 million copies sold.