Kiwi band The Eversons have been dropped from their label amid #MeToo-based allegations against one of its members, Mark Turner.

The band was formed by Turner along with Chris Young, Timm Shann and Blair Everson, all of whom are now part of the London-based band Superorganism, who have recently been announced to play at Coachella.

In 2015, they formed Superorganism with 17-year-old Japanese student Orono Noguchi, who met The Eversons at a gig in Japan and struck up an internet friendship with them. The band now lives in London together, having expanded to eight members.

Mark Turner playing with Superorganism in Milan, Italy on 15 November 2018. Photo / Getty Images
Mark Turner playing with Superorganism in Milan, Italy on 15 November 2018. Photo / Getty Images

Lil Chief Records has announced it is severing ties with The Eversons due to "unresolved" allegations.


They said: "Between 2012 and 2013 some allegations about Mark surfaced, generally regarding the same incident - invariably from third parties and always denied by him.

"As a small label run by friends and musicians we had neither the tools nor the experience to get involved. We referred those making the allegations to the appropriate authorities because we never saw ourselves as being an arbiter of justice.

"In the light of things that we as a scene and society have learnt in the #MeToo era, we now see our hands off approach was inadequate, and on reflection is something we are not proud of.

"We are against sexism and sexual misconduct in any form and from now on we will be vigilant in holding our artists to these same principles. We are no longer prepared to give anyone the benefit of the doubt or abdicate our responsibilities. Where allegations arise we will listen carefully and respond appropriately."

This comes after music website Pitchfork reported last week that Turner had filed restraining orders against two women who spoke out against him on social media - one of whom was his ex-girlfriend and former bandmate, Johanna Freeman.

Freeman noted on social media that the Eversons' song Harlot - about a man whose ex becomes a sex worker - was demeaning to her personally and to women in general.

In 2012, Lil' Chief posted a public apology for releasing Harlot, and pulled the song from Bandcamp.

The other woman is another New Zealand musician, who asked Pitchfork to identify her only as June.


She said the case arose after she posted about Turner on Facebook, objecting to a video clip in which he can be seen poking a hole in a condom, as he sings about tricking his girlfriend into getting pregnant.

In November 2013, the Eversons were dropped from a gig by manager and promoter Ian Jorgensen, who confirmed to Pitchfork that he canceled the booking for reasons connected with June's post.

Pitchfork reports the legal proceedings were filed in 2013 and settled on a confidential basis, and an Auckland District Court judge has confirmed the case documents are sealed from public view.

The Herald has reached out to Mark Turner's representatives for comment.