Hell hath no fury like a reality TV star scorned, it would seem.

An ex Married At First Sight star to be exact, with last year's furious cast taking to social media to slam Channel 9 from blocking them from the TV show's Instagram account.

All of last year's MAFS stars appear to have been blocked from the page in what seems to have been an pre-emptive step ahead of this year's season premiere later this month.

In the past, stars of shows like MAFS, The Bachelor and My Kitchen Rules have caused a stir by posting online to complain about their on-screen portrayal.


Dean Wells, who copped flack for his "affair" with Davina Rankin last season, said Nine's move was "very disrespectful".

He also claimed MAFS had made "a billion dollars" for Nine "at the expense of our reputations and livelihoods".

"Channel 9 has barely even spoken to any of us since the show ended to see how it has affected our lives, (hint* it's totally disrupted it) but yeh no worries. Thanks for that (sic)," Wells continued.

Photo / Instagram
Photo / Instagram

"Ps I still get yelled at in the streets … the Australian public deserves to know the truth behind this 'show' thank god we can now control our own media (sic)."

Also annoyed, Tracey Jewel wrote on Instagram that being blocked was "such a shame after giving so much of ourselves over the past 12 months.

"And this is the thanks we get," she wrote.

Even MAFS's less controversial contestants from last year seem to be irked by the snub, with Melissa Walsh saying it showed "how reality personalities are treated".

"So that's how you get treated when you keep your mouth shut and play by the rules," Walsh, who was paired with John Robertson, wrote on Instagram.


Others like Sarah Roza and Sean Donners threatened to reveal "the truth" about what really went on behind the scenes during filming.

Fans of the show weren't impressed by the news last year's MAFS stars had been blocked, with some even threatening to boycott the series.

"You ghosted a whole cast @mafs who does that? What are you afraid of?" one person wrote on the MAFS Instagram page.

Photo / Instagram
Photo / Instagram

"I was really looking forward to watching the next season but now I'm just weirded out about why you'd block your former cast members. Very strange behaviour," another commented.

A Nine spokesman defended the decision to block last year's MAFS stars, telling news.com.au: "We have blocked participants in the past, so there is nothing unusual about it.

"We are focused on the upcoming new season of Married At First Sight, and the journeys of the new participants."