To see in the new year, we caught up with some well-known Kiwis to see how their 2018 went - from what they ate to who inspired them. Today, we stroll down memory lane with Matty McLean

My guilty pleasure of 2018 was...

re-watching McLeod's Daughters on TVNZ OnDemand. It's terribly good. Plus (spoiler alert) when Claire dies? That got me good, all over again. But I forgot it ran for eight seasons, and those seasons are looooong. I'm still working my way through it.

The highlight of my year was... hearing Celebrity Treasure Island is coming back in 2019. It's well documented at this stage that a) I am obsessed with reality TV competition shows, and b) would back-stab anyone I needed to if I ever managed to get on one.

But the lowlight was...trying, and failing, to find the seminal classic Bring It On on ANY streaming services. Whoever manages to obtain the rights will have my undying support.


One thing I did this year that made me feel smarter was... I managed to ace a Buzzfeed quiz on "Which Disney Movie is this Quote From?" It's a low bar, my intelligence.

The most delicious thing I ate this year was... the soft shell crab from this restaurant called Woodpecker Hill in Auckland. It is phenomenal. I've been back twice since, just so I could have that dish again. But also, the café at TVNZ does do an amazing cheese scone. I'm a sucker for a cheese scone.

My hero of 2018 was...Taylor Swift. Do I really even need to give a reason? It's Taylor Swift. The woman can do no wrong.