Online bargain an offline tangle

"I received an email from Noel Leeming about a VIP one-day sale. It included a popcorn maker for $29.99," writes Tim of Ellerslie. "Rushed to the store at Sylvia Park and found the same item on the shelf at $99.99. A shop assistant said the special price must have been for online orders only and suggested placing an online order for home delivery. When I explained that we have difficulty with home deliveries due to being in a secure apartment block, he suggested we ask them to deliver it to the store and we could pick it up from there — all for $29.99. So ... we could either pay $99.99 at the store and take it with us, or we could go home and order it online, have it delivered to the same store, go back and pick it up for $29.99!"

What do you silently judge people on?


What they name their babies: "If your kid is named Brayden, Kayden or Hayden, I assume you are a nurse who has decorations in her house written in cursive about drinking wine."



The lock-screen picture on their phone is a selfie.


Talking on speaker phone in a public place or watching videos on phones in public without headphones.


Quality and placement of tattoos.


Volume of conversational voice.



Painted-on eyebrows.


Not giving the "thanks wave" when you let them cut in, in traffic.


Whether their windshield wiper speed is appropriate for the current precipitation.

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Honey needs sweetener

"We adopted a 3-year-old ginger cat from the SPCA a few months ago and named her Honey," Kerry writes. "She is very friendly but initially was quite jumpy and nervous about unexpected noises. She likes to sit on a lap, particularly in the evening, but if I am home on my own, she gets a fright as soon as she hears the key in the lock when my husband comes home. I suggested that as soon as he opened the door he should start talking so she would recognise his voice. But what would he say? My best suggestion — Honey, I'm home!"

Tomatos you can rely on

Tomatoes that you can rely on. Photo / Supplied
Tomatoes that you can rely on. Photo / Supplied

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