Living Coral has been named Colour of the year for 2019, strangely even though it's still very much 2018. Pantone describes the colour as lighthearted, optimistic, and playful, but some folk on social media are outraged, accusing Pantone of downplaying the environmental disaster that is destroying coral around the world, and using the colour and name to sell stuff. Brian Kahn at Earther says it's time to calm down and celebrate Pantone's intent. "Here was a chance to talk about one of the most beautiful organisms found on Earth that is also among the most profoundly impacted on climate change." Pantone itself notes this, if only obliquely, by pointing out that living coral is becoming "unfortunately more elusive". And in statement to Earther, the company said "we were inspired by the natural, colourful diversity of our oceans, and while Pantone is not an environmental organisation, we are aware of the environmental concerns surrounding the dire state of coral reefs and marine life".


Visitors cold-shouldered

"What amazes me the most of the couple and baby being thrown off the bus with their baby into the rain, is no other passenger jumped up in protest or offered to pay," writes a reader. "What does that say about Kiwis. Makes me feel ashamed." Another reader recalls a time in Dublin last year ... "Four children and four adults going to get on a bus asked for a certain street and were told, sorry you need bus such and such number. The driver says, 'never mind, jump on and I will drop you off', with a smile a mile wide."

Perfect kitsch Christmas gift

This outstanding portrait of the Scottish singer, Rod Stewart, from Touch My Junk. Perfect kitsch Christmas gift.
This outstanding portrait of the Scottish singer, Rod Stewart, from Touch My Junk. Perfect kitsch Christmas gift.

Beware of trees

The boardwalk between The Sands apartments and Takapuna Beach is currently closed due to having been assessed as being unsafe according to Auckland Council head of operational management and maintenance Agnes McCormack. "There are concerns with the safety of some of the pōhutukawa in the Sacred Grove. Due to the age of the pōhutukawa in the grove (some are estimated to be about 400 years old), there are issues with the structural stability of some of the more established branches. Some have already fallen and others are being supported with braces." A reader reports there has been action! The original sign has been removed.


Video pick

The Cold War made for some some good gags in the 80s, including this Wendy's Soviet Fashion Show ad…

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