Macaulay Culkin isn't afraid to use Home Alone to impress girls.

Appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the former child star — who became a household name playing young Kevin McCallister — revealed that he often watches the 1990 Christmas movie with female guests to get their "motor running".

"When that movie comes on at this time of year — I mean, this is the hottest time to be Macauley Culkin, 'tis the season," Fallon asked Culkin, 38, reports

"I agree — I do get recognised more this time of year," the actor admitted.


"It's a thing … you get a new girlfriend, and you're like flipping through the channels, and there's Home Alone — and she's like "Eh? You wanna watch it?', and I'm like, 'You wanna watch Home Alone with Macauley Culkin, don't you?' and she's like 'Yes!'"

Christmas is his time to shine. Photo / Supplied
Christmas is his time to shine. Photo / Supplied

Culkin added that he was happy to "indulge" his female guests.

"Most of the time I'm just muttering my lines under my breath. Like 'keep the change, ya filthy animal!' … Listen, whatever gets her motor running."

During the interview, Culkin also gave some insight into the brutal reality of being a young movie star, referring to the day they had to shoot scenes of Kevin visiting the Rockefellar Center Christmas tree in Home Alone 2.

"I had to work at 4am as a 10-year-old. It was great," Culkin joked sarcastically. "It was my favourite day as a child."