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My wife and I were going out.

Wife: "Do I look okay?"

She was wearing brownish capris, a light-coloured camisole, and a brownish shirt over it...


I tried to come up with something cute and brown ...

Me: "Like a potato."

It is now the basis for all clothing-related questions, 20 years later ...

Wife: "Do I look like a potato in this?"

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Scaling life's peaks
People hit different "peaks" throughout their lives. An individual's ability to learn a new language peaks at age 7, or at least before puberty. According to a study in 2010, your ability to learn - and remember - new names, however, peaks later, at age 22. Unfortunately, your ability to remember faces doesn't peak until about age 32. The age you'll earn your highest salary is age 39 if you're a woman, while men do so at age 48. Yet both genders reach peak arithmetic skills at age 50. At age 51 is when people are best at understanding others' emotions. Peak vocabulary occurs at age 69, peak happiness with your body at 74, and last on the timeline is peak psychological wellbeing, which is reportedly reached at age 82. (Teenagers, eat your heart out.) There's one quality that peaks twice in your life, however, and that's overall life satisfaction. A study found that peaks at age 23 and again at age 69.

What's wrong with this security door?
What's wrong with this security door?

$50 note takes flight

"I was boarding an Air New Zealand flight in Wellington recently and standing on the boarding stairs, searching for my boarding pass, when a $50 note flew out of my wallet and off across the tarmac," explains David. "The flight attendant was sympathetic and said she would tell the pilot. A few minutes later as they were ready to close the door the pilot re-boarded wearing [a] high viz jacket and holding my blown-away note!"