Someone who is (probably not, but maybe) called Taylor Swift was reportedly been spotted riding a Lime scooter on Tamaki Drive near Mission Bay, Auckland, this morning.

This person, who almost certainly isn't global hitmaker Taylor Swift (but sure does resemble her) was spotted by Auckland bartender Ben Prince-Saxon on Friday morning.

Photo / Twitter
Photo / Twitter

Prince-Saxon posted two photos seemingly showing the person who is very unlikely to be Taylor Swift riding a Lime scooter on Tamaki Drive, with what very much looks like a security guard following her close behind on another Lime scooter.

"Wtf just saw @taylorswift13 on a Lime Scootering through Misson Bay?! Tf hahaha buzzy s***," he posted alongside the two photos, around 11:30am.


Taylor Swift - as in, the actual Taylor Swift - will perform in Mt Smart Stadium tonight, her first stadium show in New Zealand.

Prince-Saxon, who previously attended one of the US hitmaker's shows but wasn't going tonight, told the Herald he was sure the scooter rider was Swift.

"I was so excited as it's not every day you see someone that famous."

Although the shy 18-year-old didn't say a word, the two shared a moment.

"She gave me a little smile. I was like, woah. It got my heart racing."

Lime scooters have been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, with some riders leaving a trail of mayhem as the injury toll mounts.

But Swift was unlikely to be among them - she was a confident rider, Prince-Saxon said.

"She was pretty confident. She looked like she'd been doing it a while."


Taylor Swift on a Lime could very much have been Dopperganger Taylor Swift on a Lime but it will forever stay in our hearts as one of the most Auckland things to ever happen in Auckland.

A source has since told the Herald that Taylor Swift was definitely not riding a Lime scooter on Tamaki Drive on Friday. In fact, Swift had reportedly never heard of e-scooters.