A former Hollywood talent agent has recounted a day from hell she had while working for a top boutique agency.

Quinn Cummings, now an author, reveals in a Twitter thread the "worst decision I ever made in an office".

"Whatever you do in your office today, this week, the rest of this year, you can console yourself by recalling this tale," she begins.

Cummings says she once worked as an assistant for a casting agent named Susan Smith, who, while known for her excellent taste in clients, was reportedly "insane".


"Volatile, capable off toggling between rage-screaming and whispered tears in 90 seconds," says Cummings.

Smith reportedly discovered respected actors Kathy Bates and Brian Dennehy, and when the latter wished to perform the play Death of a Salesman in Chicago, Smith made it happen with "superhuman strength and negotiating prowess".

When Dennehy received career-best reviews and a Tony Award, Cummings says the office was relieved, as it may soothe Smith's temper.

But it was not to be: "Brian forgot to thank her," Cummings says.

Cummings, now promoted from her assistant to an agent, says work was a scene of "despair".

Then, her new assistant propositioned a solution that Dennehy had offered: taking out a full-page ad in Variety and Hollywood Reporter.

All they needed was a photo of Smith. Cummings says she thought she had a solution: A picture she kept on her side-table in her office.

The next day, Cummings thought she might have won over, until Smith arrived at work with some horrible news.