In all the years of celebrity feuding, this may be one of the pettiest power moves we've seen yet - but it's hilarious.

Rapper 50 Cent took to Instagram to brag about how he epicly trolled Ja Rule recently, claiming he bought out 200 front-row seats at a Ja Rule gig, just so he could leave them empty.

He even went to the trouble of photoshopping himself into an image of the empty seats.

At $15 a seat and 200 tickets bought, that's US $3000 (NZ $4600) dropped by a rapper who declared bankruptcy in 2015- all in the name of a rap feud.


The rappers' feud goes back two decades and has seen the two trade everything from diss tracks to punches and 50 Cent was even stabbed during a fight at the Hit Factory studios in 2000.

It's unclear what started the feud, but its said to have kicked off way back in 1999.