Getting to work...the long way!
Getting to work...the long way!

Facts that could save your life


If you get trapped on thin ice, lie down on your stomach and crawl/wiggle your way back to shore from the direction you got there from. Chances are if the ìce held you then when you were standing up, it will continue to hold you with your weight dispersed over more surface area.


That a wagging tail does NOT always mean that the dog is friendly. Maybe he's just really excited he gets to rip your guts out!



Sleep with the door closed. Fires while you sleep can leave your room almost completely untouched if the door is closed ... It's common to see rooms that are entirely liveable in a residence that is otherwise extensively fire and soot-damaged just because the door was closed. Different story once the fire gets into the roof space and brings the roof and ceilings down, but hopefully you'd be well gone out the window by then.


Most drink-driving deaths occur at the end of Saturday night, between 1am and 3am. Avoid the roads during these times if you can help it.


Sign of drownings: Hairy face. Anyone who has long hair knows that when it gets wet and it sticks to your face, the immediate reaction is to swipe it away. Not for a drowning person ... because all power is devoted to saving themselves. The issue of wet hair across the face is not a priority.

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True urban legends

Yarns about animals in sewers are a staple of scary stories, but the one about baby alligators being flushed down toilets and then growing to adult size and resurfacing is the stuff of fantasy. But finding a rat in your toilet, a particular kind of domestic terror, is one that is completely plausible.


According to Mental Floss, drain plumbing for toilets is typically three inches wide, plenty of space for a rat to climb up. "The animals are attracted to sewage lines due to undigested food in poo and can travel through pipes before emerging through an opening and into your bathroom. And yes, rats can be somewhat testy when they complete their journey. One aquatic rodent bit the rump of a female victim in Petersburg, Virginia, in 1999. In Seattle, the issue is common enough that public officials have given advice on what to do in case you encounter one (close the lid and flush)."

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