Nick Cummins has revealed the biggest lesson he learned from being on The Bachelor.

In his new book The Honey Badger Guide To Life, the 31-year-old former Wallaby claimed that filming the dating show completely changed his perspective on women, the Daily Mail reports.

He explained: "Ultimately, what I really walked away with was how to talk to a girl without wanting anything from them."

"I can now sit down and have a yarn [conversation] with a woman and not be thinking about where it's gonna lead and why I'm putting my time into this and whether it's 'worthwhile'," he added.


What Nick was trying to say was that he learned to prioritise friendships with women and not be so "goal orientated" about sleeping with them.

However, considering he eventually chose no one in the finale, saying he learned to "not want anything" from women may be a bitter pill for the finalists to swallow.

It's also an odd lesson to take away from a TV show where the end goal is a lasting and committed relationship.

Earlier this month, Nick shocked Australia by dumping both Brittany Hockley, 30, and Sophie Tieman, 25, in The Bachelor finale.

Struggling to find the right words, he told Brittany: "Right now, I can't give 100 per cent to you. My head is very clouded. Right now, I'm a little bit lost.

"I have to say that this time has come to an end and I'm letting you go."

Moments earlier, he delivered a similar break-up speech to Sophie.

At the end of the episode, a solemn-looking Nick said: "I just know in my heart that I did the right thing.

"There are two amazing women walking out of my life. It wouldn't be fair to enter into something that a few months down the track I would be breaking her heart. I came here for a chance at love and now I'm going to have to start again. She's out there..."

Speaking on The Sunday Project over the weekend, the sportsman reflected on his controversial decision and the public backlash that followed.

"I'm not a rude bloke, I feel I'm pretty honest and fair. Every time a girl was sent home at least one [still there] would come up and say, 'Are you okay?' I wasn't. It's terrible sending someone home when you don't actually know them that well and they could be The One. You're sending a nice girl home in tears. It's tough," Nick said.

He later added: "I've never been in a mental space as low as I have been on that show, especially towards the end of it."