Kiwi comedian Rose Matafeo totally owned a fellow comic in a comedy roast, despite his race-based jokes about her mixed heritage.

Appearing on Jimmy Carr's Roast Battle Week on Comedy Central, the Kiwi comedy star went up against British comic Naz Osmanoglu, who has drawn criticism online for his "racist" jokes.

He said: "Rose of course is half Samoan, half Scottish which means she's violent and well as violent and uncivilised."

He continued: "It must be very difficult getting dressed in the morning; should I wear my grass skirt or my tartan one? Should I wear my necklace made of d**ks, or my necklace made of fried d**ks?"


Fans on Twitter were incensed, labelling Osmanoglu's roast "racist" and "trash".

One wrote: "If you have to resort to racist rhetoric to 'win' a 'comedy' battle @naz_osmanoglu, you already lost. Trash."

Another asked: "Is there anything more 'oi!' than a white Brit man saying those 'jokes'? Seriously. Ewwww," and someone responded: "I guess the only thing more ew is the fact nobody on the show called him out on it and they left it in."

However others defended the roast saying the whole point of the battles is to be as no-holds-barred and "un-PC" as possible.

That might be why Matafeo didn't seem bothered by the jokes, she simply brushed him off with a "stop flirting with me".

She then took him down, saying: "You know its really cute and it's so refreshing to see a straight white man not succeed in comedy right now."

Roast Battle UK Season 2 premieres Tuesday November 13 at 9.15pm on Comedy Central.