The Good Place (Netflix):

One of the happiest, brightest and most heartwarming shows - possibly ever - has returned for a third season to get us through these trying times. If you've somehow managed to miss it, The Good Place is about a bunch of not-so-good people who find themselves in the afterlife and embark on a mission of self-improvement to get out of "the bad place". It's incredibly clever and funny and may just restore some of your faith in humanity. It's the perfect antithesis to all the dark dramas and ... you know, the news. Episode 1 is out now with a new one coming every Friday.

Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father (Netflix):

Jack and his dad Michael are back on the road for season two, which is available to binge on Netflix now. If you've ever even considered taking a trip with your parents, this one's for you. It's all your fears and worries realised but emphasised by the sheer poshness of the pair. There's Jack, desperate to travel like a man of the people and experience the world and then Michael, desperate for some five-star luxury and home comforts. Season one saw them take on Southeast Asia, this time they're exploring the wonders of Europe - complete with military training.

Warning: Explicit language

The First (Neon):

Sean Penn and Natascha McElhone star in this new drama from the creator of House of Cards. The First is set in 2031, in which Penn's Tom Hagerty is one of five astronauts selected for the first human mission to Mars. As much as it sounds like a futuristic space-capade, reviews from the US have hailed it as more of a "character study" and an exploration of human nature. Haggerty is also dealing with personal loss and some tough family dynamics, all the while trying to convince the United States Government to assist with his bid in the international space race. It's a blockbuster story heading to your personal devices each week from today.


Age Before Beauty (Lightbox):
Age Before Beauty will certainly not be for everyone, but it comes from the writer of Poldark and stars some great UK talent so it definitely looks like it's worth checking out. The new series is set in modern-day Manchester, following a dysfunctional family as they struggle to keep their beauty salon above water. Critics in the UK have described it as witty, fun and even "Coronation Street spiked with some Love Island-style preening". It stars a host of familiar British faces including Rome's Polly Finch, Downton Abbey's Ivy-Rae Regan and Into the Badlands' Madeleine Mantock. It is available to binge today.