Beyoncé might be one of the most famous women on Earth but it is very rare for her to speak about her personal life on social media - which is why her latest Instagram post has surprised fans.

To celebrate turning 37, the singer shared a few intimate photos of her family celebration in Italy, along with an emotional post about what she achieved in the last year.

"At 36, I became a new mother of 3. I breastfed twins. I renewed my vows with my husband of ten years. I came back home to the stage to do Coachella, after pregnancy. Then my husband and I released our album together, Everything Is Love. And we've been touring with our family around the world, and loving it," she listed.

She called the year "monumental" and thanked everyone for "all the positivity and for the beautiful birthday wishes".

"I'm looking forward to continuing to learn from my past, living in the present, and surrendering to the future," she added, before declaring her love for her "Hive".


The post has been liked on Instagram nearly five million times in a mere six hours.

Fans loved hearing from their "Queen", who usually posts photos to Instagram without a caption, let alone such a deeply personal one.

She also posted a couple of other photos taken on her birthday.

The star decided to get really personal on her birthday and also shared 169 outfit photos, with Jay-Z and Blue Ivy, on her website.