Troye Sivan's sophomore album is a glorious celebration of pop, queerness and coming of age.

I just wish it would've kicked up a notch.

The album's highlights are undoubtedly its pop bangers. Bloom is full of in-jokes and innuendos and a catchy-as-hell hook designed for late-night escapades, and My My My is as pure as pop gets, with a chorus that demands to be put on full volume and danced to.

But with those singles leading the charge, I was expecting more party pop. What I got was a lot of subdued balladry that makes the whole album - although it comes in with just 10 songs - drag a bit.
Even Dance To This, which feels like it wanted to be a dance hit, seems muffled and lacking - like there's a whole layer of production they forgot to kick in after the intro.


Sivan saves himself however, with his beautiful songwriting and raw honesty as he celebrates his unabashed sexuality and coming of age.

Seventeen, Postcard and Plum are stunning tracks about love and want, with poetic lines about summer, spring and desire so strong it hurts, such as on Postcard when he sings, "I'm undone about to burst at my seams / 'Cause I am picturing you beside me / So let me be everything that you need."

Most of the songs are truly gorgeous.

It's just that as an album, it always feels like its on the brink of taking off, without ever actually managing it. I spent so long waiting for the leap that by the time I got to the end, I, too, was left wanting more.

Troye Sivan, Bloom

Artist: Troye Sivan
Album: Bloom
Label: Universal
Verdict: A beautiful collection which never took off as a whole