The thing about Samurai Gourmet is nothing actually happens, but it's so pure and just plain lovely that you can't help but fall in love with it. The Japanese Netflix original follows the adventures of a 60-year-old recent retiree who often daydreams about what his life would be like if he were a samurai. The show follows him each day as he enjoys a meal and his new-found freedom in a way which will make you re-evaluate your priorities. If you need a break from the grind and you love food and/or Japanese culture, watch this.


If you missed out on the action at this year's Comedy Festival, you're in luck as some of the festival's biggest Kiwi talents are bringing their shows back for a limited run. Among them is 2018 Billy T Award winner Melanie Bracewell, whose tour Melodrama is showing tonight, tomorrow and Saturday. Also, check out James Roque and Pax Assadi - I recently caught their latest Frickin Dangerous Bro show and can't wait to see them again in their solo shows. Pax's Brown Famous and James' Legal Alien are on September 27-29.



You know those movies that you know are trash and but you secretly kind of liked anyway? (Here's looking at you, entire Fast and Furious franchise.) Well, that's basically the whole premise behind my new favourite podcast, I Hate It But I Love It. In it, Kat Angus and Jocelyn Geddie break down movies, TV shows and other pop culture trends they're ashamed to admit they love and it's hilariously relatable. We're talking Crossroads, Bring It On, Supernatural and even the holy grail that is Spice World.


I know I'm late on the bandwagon here but if you haven't seen Netflix's latest hit, To All the Boys I've Loved Before yet, stop what you're doing and go and hit play. It's a teen romantic comedy taking its inspiration from the John Hughes era and, like Samurai Gourmet, is just so pure and heartwarming it's hard to not get sucked in. Add to that the Asian-American lead, the cast and character diversity and a bunch of warm fuzzies, and you've got one hell of a solid night in.