Kanye West has finally explained those bizarre slippers he wore to 2Chainz's wedding.

People lost their mind over the bizarre choice of footwear. Photo / MEGA
People lost their mind over the bizarre choice of footwear. Photo / MEGA

The internet went into meltdown just over a week ago when photos of Kanye's slippers went viral with many people wondering the same thing: Why were they so small?

But now, after a week of being mocked online, Kanye has explained what exactly what going on with his slippers.

The rapper, 41, claimed on Twitter that he was inspired by Japanese footwear.


Several people have pointed out that Kanye's slippers weren't wood like the ones in his illustration and that his heels were extending way more than 1-2cm off the backs of the shoes.

But "the Japanese way," as Kanye called it, is an actual thing.

The Japanese shoes are called geta sandals and according to Sora News 24 "they should be a smaller size than you're used to, so your heel hangs off the back while the middle strap is still within your toes".

The site explains when wearing geta sandals you shouldn't have the toe strap all the way between your toes, but that you should leave a gap wide enough for the tip of your little finger to fit through in between and should "pinch" the strap with your toes.

It also explains that you should step from toe to heel rather than the other way round.

Apparently these shoes and style of walking helps reduce the chance of blisters.