Jeremy Wells and Anika Moa co-hosted Seven Sharp together for the first time on Monday night, and fans say "you could cut the tension with a knife".

Moa has won over fans during her stints on the desk with Hilary Barry, but this was her first time with Wells.

The two share a similar sense of humour and style of comedy which often hinges on their deadpan, awkward delivery.

With Barry on deck this is evened out a bit, but left without a buffer the pair's comedy didn't quite translate to fans, with one going so far as to say: "Tonight's Seven Sharp has to be...the most awkward episode of all time".


Another added: "You could cut the tension with a knife!"

There was one awkward moment in the show, in which the pair discussed Green MP Julie Anne Genter's bike ride to give birth and Moa asked: "Would you do it?"

Wells, with a straight face, said: "I'm sterile, so that's not going to happen".

A stunned Moa pulled a face and looked around for support saying: "That's awkward, that's a conversation we don't want to have on national TV".

Wells has often spoken openly on Radio Hauraki about having a vasectomy in the past. But between that and Wells' deadpan joking about how Moa should get rid of the "muck" on her arms (her tattoos), it's easy to see how the banter could be construed as awkward.

If we've learned anything, it's that Seven Sharp needs Hilary Barry - if only to act as a buffer between these comics and the Kiwi public.

Trash talk & fist fights to prepare for their first show together #BFFs 👫

Posted by Seven Sharp on Monday, 20 August 2018