My first job was …

When I was 12, a paper run with my brother. My nana helped us out with half of it because she saw how much junk mail we had to peddle.

It taught me … that I always, always want a NO JUNK MAIL sign on my letterbox.

My big break came … I think I've had more a series of medium breaks peppered between larger bouts of unemployment. It's the nature of this industry and I live in eternal hope.


The last job I quit was … Working reception in a dance studio in LA because I came back to New Zealand to make Alibi, get married and not fold any more towels.

The most famous person I've ever met is … Antonia Prebble. I met her in an acting class about 10 years ago.

She was ... awful. We've been great friends ever since. Side note: I find the famous person question interesting as people ask that a lot about living in LA. I can say, fame magnifies what a person already was like – that is all. So if they were wonderful humans before, like Ms. Prebble, they become magnanimous, and if they were insecure, that only heightens in the fishbowl of attention. Jim Carrey once said he wished everyone could become rich and famous, so they could see it's not the answer.

The best time I've had on set was … Actually, the 20-day shoot for Alibi was pretty amazing. We had this incredible crew and cast show up every day to bring what we had created to life. I found being onset without having to appear on camera (for the most part) surprisingly relaxing. Being on the other side of the lens but seeing our show in the creative hands of those gems was equal parts surreal and magic. I am very, very grateful for all those who came on board and am very proud of the result.

But the worst was … Years ago, having an American director try to convince me and two other young women that we had to do a beach party scene topless. It was not cool. Thankfully we had some amazing women around us in the costume department who stood up for us when we didn't know how. I'm hoping with the current movement that young people won't have to put up with that kind of shit again.

My dream role would be … Paul Newman's "Luke" in an all-female remake of Cool Hand Luke.