After a cheating scandal led to a breakdown on The Block NZ, Amy Moore is back and ready to conquer the rest of the competition.

Moore and her partner Stu Watts were slapped with a whopping $5000 fine when they were caught with a tradie on site after the show's "tools down" curfew of 6pm.

After that, the pressure led Moore to have a panic attack so severe she was forced to take a day off site to recover.

Now though, with the help of a secret weapon, she's back in the game. That weapon? Her 12-year-old daughter Nina.


Speaking to the Woman's Day, Moore gushed: "We have a really close relationship. We're both a bit quirky and very similar. We love going away together on girls' trips and road trips, just the two of us - that's the best.

"It's really tough being away from your child...I've been missing Nina a lot."

Not only has spending time with her daughter picked up her spirits, Nina has also been a secret weapon in that she is something of a muse.

It was her idea to build the giant Jenga tower in a challenge to build an interactive children's game, which saw Moore and Watts win a bonus point. And they also went on to win for their children's bedroom, which - as the only mother on the show - gave Moore a "real buzz".

While Moore says the cheating scandal was "tough to take" and left her mentally exhausted, she adds: "We came here on the show to make the experience really worthwhile. Back home, the family will be super-proud of us no matter what happens".