Paloma Faith revealed she was hounded for selfie requests as she tried to rush her child to hospital.

The songstress, 37, said she called the emergency services when her one-year-old youngster stopped breathing for 30 seconds and fell unconscious.

Speaking to We Are Women podcast, Paloma admitted she was bombarded by fans at A&E while in distress over her child's wellbeing, and called the interaction "unfair".

On her recent intense hospital visit, Paloma recalled: "Recently I went to A&E with my baby. It can happen quite often at the beginning because you constantly feel like this thing's going to die, reports Daily Mail.


"And I do have people approach me. People want a selfie or a conversation."

The Crybaby singer detailed how she was approached by members of the public and how she was "shell-shocked" by the whole experience.

Paloma continued: "I'm actually a bit shell-shocked. My child stopped breathing for 30 seconds and I had to call an ambulance — passed out, lost consciousness and everything.

"I'm in A&E and someone was like, 'Oh, my God.' And that doesn't feel fair."

Paloma gave birth to her first child with boyfriend Leyman Lahcine in December 2016, and recently revealed that she avoided giving birth in a private hospital and chose her local NHS maternity unit.

In a candid interview with Vera Magazine for Virgin Atlantic, the Never Tear Us Apart singer admitted that she wanted the same treatment as everyone else, despite topping the charts since 2009.

Paloma detailed how she wanted to be treated equally among her fellow mums and chose to give birth at her local hospital, calling the service "incredible".

She explained: "I gave birth on the NHS. I believe in it, and I believe everybody deserves equal treatment.

"I wanted to have my child at University College Hospital, which is where I was born, partly to prove a point, which is that I deserve the same as everybody else."

Paloma also dished on why she would never live-tweet about the birth, and said it's strange celebrities would choose to tweet while in the delivery suite.

"When you're in that situation, nobody gives a toss whether you're a celebrity or not. I'm a very open person and a self-professed oversharer, but I would only ever share something I didn't find inhibiting."