Whoopi Goldberg exploded on Judge Jeanine Pirro in a fiery on-air debate about president Donald Trump on Thursday's episode of The View in the US.

Towards the end of the show, Pirro praised Trump with lowering the unemployment rate for the first time in 50 years for 'minorities, Hispanics and African Americans' but Goldberg and fellow The View co-host Sunny Hostin said the credit should be given to former president Barack Obama, the Daily Mail reported.

Pirro fired back saying: "You're suffering from Trump derangement in this room."

Goldberg and Pirro discuss Trump.
Goldberg and Pirro discuss Trump.

Her remark set off a chain reaction that blew up the segment, caused a massive argument backstage and saw the judge kicked out of the building, she later told The Sean Hannity Show.


Moments after Pirro's "Trump derangement" quote, View co-host and Trump opponent Meghan McCain said she wasn't deranged, and Pirro pointed at Goldberg, setting the longtime host off.

"Did you just point at me? I don't have Trump derangement, let me tell you what I have," Goldberg shot back. "I am tired of people starting a conversation with, 'Mexicans are liars and rapists'. Listen, I'm 62 years old, there have been a lot of people in office that I don't agree with, but I have never ever seen anything like this."

She continued: "I've never seen anyone whip up such hate, I've never seen anyone be so dismissive and clearly you don't watch this show, so you don't know that I don't suffer from that. What I suffer from is the inability to figure out how to fix this, that's my issue."

Goldberg and Pirro then got into a screaming match, with Pirro declaring: "You know what's horrible? When people who shouldn't be here end up murdering children of American citizens."

"What's horrible is when the president of the United States whips up people to beat the hell out of people," Goldberg yelled back, telling Pirro she was done with the interview.

"Say goodbye, bye! I'm done," Goldberg said.

The show quickly cut to a commercial break, and when it returned Pirro was no longer sitting at the table.

Goldberg took the last few minutes of the show to apologise to the audience and viewers.


"So you saw me do something I very rarely do. I very rarely lose my cool, I'm not proud of it and I don't like it," she said. "I also don't like being accused of being hysterical, because that's one of the things I try not to be on this show.'

Though the on-screen drama was over as quickly as the segment, Pirro told The Sean Hannity Show it got worse when the pair met again backstage.

"When I went off the stage, I'm walking downstairs and I said something like, 'Whoopi I fought for victims my whole life' and she came at me as I was leaving and said 'F you' in my face - literally spitting at me - 'F you, get the F out of this building'," she told Hannity.

"I said to her, 'did you just say that?' She said 'that's what I said, get the F out of this building' and she was screaming at me, and I'm walking out of the building like a dog who was just kicked off."

Pirro said while Goldberg's behaviour was "horrific", the way she was treated was "typical of what is going on in this country".

"The left, they invite you on to talk, they then won't let you talk, they throw you off the show and then they throw you out of the building," she said.

"I said in the first segment – and again I have to look at it – I said 'we need to start talking about this stuff'.

"We need to start recognising that it doesn't matter if it's Donald Trump or if it's a Democrat running. We've got to have a Department of Justice and FBI that is not corrupt.

"I'll tell you Sean, I've been prosecutor, a judge for 30 years. I've sat on murder trials – I'd go toe-to-toe with anyone. I've tried murder cases, I've gone against drug cartels… I have never been treated like that in my life. I was stunned."

Sources told Page Six as Pirro was walking past Goldberg she reportedly put her finger in the host's face and said she has "done more for abused women than you will ever do".

Goldberg told the Justice with Judge Jeanine host "f*** you" and "get the f*** out of the building!"

The outlet reports Pirro was fired up before she even started filming the episode. According to the source, the Fox News host felt blindsided when she learned that CNN contributor and Trump critic Anna Navarro was filling in for Joy Behar.

"When Jeanine arrived on set she was looking for a fight and refusing to be on with Ana, demanding (Ana) not be in the segment," the insider said. "(Pirro) was yelling at (The View) executive producer and her staff like, 'You need to handle this'."

Another source said that Pirro, "was upset that Ana was there because she wasn't told until the last minute."

The insider added: "Ana is 24-7 anti-Trump. Jeanine wasn't yelling, but you could tell they felt like the segment was being hijacked by shoving in an anti-Fox, anti-Trump person."