Just two weeks after declaring their love to each other and splitting the $50,000 prize money during Love Island's grand finale, Grant Crapp and Tayla Damir have called it quits.

Tayla, 21, broke the news to fans via Nine's The Fix , revealing that she'd been the one to make the call.

"Obviously I'm heartbroken. It was a big shock to the system," Tayla said.

"I still respect him as a person and I just think he's young and he's made a massively bad decision, and didn't really think of the consequences that maybe a girl would have fallen in love with him, which just happened to be me. Hopefully that's something he learned through this experience and he learns how to play with people's emotions."

In sunglasses, no one can see your lies. Photo / Supplied
In sunglasses, no one can see your lies. Photo / Supplied

Upon leaving the Mallorca villa, the couple had been rocked by reports of Grant's "secret girlfriend" — a woman named Lucy.

The first hint that there may be a third party in their relationship had come during a challenge on Love Island, but Grant had been quick to deny it at the time.

"It came out that there were new accusations that Grant had a live-in girlfriend, and he's gone on the show to promote his business and get famous," Tayla told The Fix.

"He denied it when we were in the house and I just had this gut feeling to follow through with it. Once I was able to access media and read the articles, I told Grant he needed to own up. I finally got the answer that was the truth: He was on there to promote himself and he did have a girlfriend who was running his business while he was inside the villa."

Unsurprisingly, this had lead to major trust issues in their relationship.

Ouch. Just ouch. Photo / Channel 9
Ouch. Just ouch. Photo / Channel 9

The news may not come as much of a shock to anyone who had been listening to Tayla and Grant's interview on the Kyle And Jackie O show on Monday, where it was pretty clear there was trouble brewing in paradise.

Tayla told the hosts she'd been heartbroken at discovering the truth about his other girlfriend, and that she'd been considering ending the relationship, then and there.

"(Dumping him) went though my mind, for sure, obviously finding that out was a big shock to the system and I was like, 'Well, do you really love me?'" she said.

"We are trying to work through this. It's obviously put a massive strain on our relationship. We're trying to rebuild the trust."

Sadly, it seems that didn't work out.