The first image Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II in Netflix series The Crown has been released.

The actress, 44, is seen posing in an elegant pink jacket and with a tea cup in hand, as she transforms into the famous Royal for one of her first appearances on the show's third series.

The Broadchurch star is taking over the lead role from Claire Foy, as the show's time setting moves along to follow the monarch's rule across the 1960s and 1970s.

Olivia certainly embodies the famous monarch in the image - clad in a smart pale pink jacket and a string of pearls.


Sporting the trademark crop of curls and poised with a tea cup in hand, the actress proves to be taking to the regal role with ease, as she prepares for her debut on the forthcoming series.

The official Twitter page for The Crown shared the image to fans' delight on Monday, simply captioned: "Patience".

Olivia, who is also known for her roles in Peep Show and The Night Manager, was confirmed to be playing Queen Elizabeth II in October.

She is taking over the role from Claire Foy, 34, who played the same role in the show's first and second seasons in 2016 and 2017.

Delighted at her casting, Olivia said at the time: "I'm so thrilled to be part of The Crown. I was utterly gripped watching it.

"I think Claire Foy is an absolute genius - she's an incredibly hard act to follow. I'm basically going to re-watch every episode and copy her."

Filming began at the start of the July - with the Norfolk-born star revealing last month she had been busy trying to master the monarch's plummy accent.

Speaking to The Sun, the award-winning actress admitted: "I'm really nervous to take over something that's been so great — it's scary.


"They're giving me a great voice coach who will make sure I speak like the Queen. So I'll just learn the lines and try and copy exactly what they do."

Claire Foy and Matt Smith who played Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip in the first two seasons. Photo / Supplied
Claire Foy and Matt Smith who played Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip in the first two seasons. Photo / Supplied

Olivia also revealed that Claire has offered to lend a hand, adding: "Claire Foy has let me know I can call if I need to."

Meanwhile Claire has been gushing in her praise of Olivia, who will take over the role for the next two seasons.

She said after her casting: "I just love her, I admire her so much and the idea that we sort of will be doing the same job but not actually working together is just enough, I'm honoured by that."

On whether she had any advice for Colman, she added: "The only thing I would say is take vitamins and get lots of sleep.'

Olivia will be starring alongside Tobias Menzies, who will take over the role of Prince Phillip from Matt Smith.

According to Deadline, the 44-year-old actor, who has starred in Game Of Thrones and Outlander, was chosen for the role after Paul Bettany dropped out during early talks.

Tobias Menzies has been cast as Prince Phillip. Photo / AP
Tobias Menzies has been cast as Prince Phillip. Photo / AP

They are joined on the star-studded cast list by Helena Bonham Carter, who will star as Princess Margaret, Jason Watkins as former Prime Minister Harold Wilson, and Josh O'Connor, who will play an older Prince Charles.

The group will follow in their predecessor's footsteps and play the Royal couple for two seasons before the cast will change once again, in order to portray the characters accurately as they age.

The first series of The Crown was one of the most critically acclaimed dramas of 2016 - winning two Golden Globes and two SAG awards, and being nominated for four BAFTAs.

Additionally, the first two seasons have collectively bagged a whopping 26 Emmy nominations over the last two years.

The show, which has been met with overwhelmingly positive reviews, is the most expensive television series ever made - with the first series costing $100million to produce.

The second series dealt with the scandal surrounding Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon, as well as swirling affair and divorce rumours between Elizabeth and Phillip.

The third is thought to focus on the 1970s, and will introduce Camilla Parker Bowles to the cast, after her first meeting with Prince Charles in 1971.

The new series is expected to land on the online streaming site in 2019.