1 News Europe Correspondent Joy Reid has been tear gassed while covering the aftermath of the Football World Cup final in Paris.

Riots broke out in the city after celebrations over France's 4-2 victory over Croatia turned to chaos.

People were seen attacking police, destroying furniture and setting fire to rubbish bins.

The riots originated at the Arc de Triomphe and spread across the city.


Reid, who was in the city reporting for TVNZ, was on top of a building showing the carnage unfold.

She took to social media to show the scenes of "rioting mobs wreaking havoc" which resulted in her and cameraman William Green having to stay in the building.

The pair eventually made it back safely to their hotel but not without encountering some unexpected tear gas on the way.

Reid said she and the camera operator had walked back the 400m to the hotel from their spot on the Champs Elysees after the crowds had left but there had not been enough time for the tear gas to disappear and they walked through it.

We realised police were just clearing the area and had only minutes before sprayed the roads with tear gas. The gas and smoke filled the air."

They ran the last 100m. "We could barely see as our eyes were watering so much and it was difficult to keep them open."

She said the hotel concierge rushed to get them milk to bathe their eyes with and it took about five minutes for the stinging to subside.

Photos shared by Reid show her bloodshot, watering eyes.


"That stuff burns!" she said.

Last week Newshub reporter Lloyd Burr had a pint of beer thrown over him while reporting from England during their match against Croatia.

While crossing live to the AM Show an "angry England fan" threw a pint of beer over him as he reported on the mood of the room turning from jubilation to anger.