Kiwi journalist Lloyd Burr demonstrated his professionalism this morning after having a pint of beer thrown in his face during a live cross.

Burr, Newshub's European Correspondent, was reporting live from England for The AM Show during the Fifa World Cup semifinal match between England and Croatia.

Crossing to Burr as the referee was close to blowing the final whistle, handing Croatia the win, Burr said, "I've just got a very angry England fan coming up to me."

The fan then threw a pint of beer in Burr's face as he proceeded to report on the mood of the room turning from jubilation to frustration and then to anger.


"The English fans are very angry," Burr told the camera as he continued to report from the scene.

The angry fan proceeded to go right up to Burr, pointing a finger and hurling abuse at him.

It's then that host Duncan Garner jumped in from his desk asking they get out of there.

"If there's someone in England that can get around Lloyd and look after him ... what a bunch of thugs," Garner said.

It didn't seem to be a great day overall for Newshub reporters and live crosses with another narrowly avoiding an embarrassing situation.

Alice Wilkins was gearing up to go live on the AM show reporting on the nurses strike when a bird pooed on her, a clip released by Newshub today show.

Wilkins carried on, delivering her live cross (minus her jacket) as if nothing had happened.

Alice Wilkins was preparing to cross live to The AM Show before she got a nasty surprise from above. / Newshub

Burr's incident isn't the only instance of a reporter being confronted while presenting live during the World Cup.

Earlier in the tournament a man brazenly groped and smooched a TV journalist as she reported from Russia.

Julieth Gonzalez Theran, a reporter from German TV news channel Deutsche Welle, was broadcasting from Saransk when a man jumped into the shot, grabbed her breast and kissed her on the cheek.