You'll enjoy Edie if you love nature, stunning scenery and have an adventurous spirit; you'll really enjoy Edie if you like beautiful vistas accompanied by a dramatic and overly emotional violin based score.

The expressive Sheila Hancock stars as Edie, an 83-year-old who finds herself free from 30 years of caregiving when her controlling, scrooge-like husband passes away. Edie's daughter puts her into a retirement home, which Edie is not happy about - clearly communicated in a delightful scene in which Edie deadheads flowers in a flower arranging class.

An old postcard from her beloved, deceased father rouses Edie into action; and she ditches her new home for a train bound for Scotland, where she plans to fulfil a lifelong dream to climb a rugged mountain, Suilven.

The narrative hits the familiar beats you expect in a life affirming film; the will she/won't she make it jeopardy - the climb is a challenge for the young and fit - and an "odd couple" friendship with local lad Jonny (Kevin Guthrie of Sunsets Song), who co-owns a hiking store.


Not a lot really happens in Edie; the pace is gentle and the story familiar, but it's a pleasant, easy experience - aided by the dramatic mountain footage. Scottish tourism owes this film a whisky in recognition of how it has captured the beauty of this country.

The story may not linger, but the imagery will.


Sheila Hancock, Kevin Guthrie


Simon Hunter

Running Time:

102 mins



M (Offensive language)


A wonderful promotion for visiting Scotland.

Francesca Rudkin