She's supposed to have a scar covering most of her face. So, where exactly is it?

That's the question fans of the book Mortal Engines are asking after seeing the first full-length trailer for Peter Jackson and Christian Rivers' movie adaptation.

Released today, the trailer gives fans their first look at Hester Shaw, a disfigured asassin played by Icelandic actress Hera Hilmar.

In the book, she's described as "hideous" with a scar running "down her face from forehead to jaw" and a nose like a "smashed stump".


But fans are angry that Shaw's distinguishing facial feature appears to have been toned down in the movie.

Many claim the role had been sexed up to make the film more appealing.

"Apparently there's still no room in Hollywood for an 'ugly' female protagonist," wrote one angry fan. "Despite her disfigurement being fundamental to her character and the plot. I'm not surprised. Just deeply disappointed. I expected more from you Peter Jackson."

The film follows a series of cities roaming earth on top of giant wheeled engines, and Jackson says it's been a difficult job to get it right.

"It's hard to wrap your head around sometimes," Jackson told the Herald. "There's nothing in the world you can compare them to. They're not like an aircraft carrier or a cruise ship. They're way, way bigger than that. London is a mile and a half long and three-quarters of a mile high."

Mortal Engines has a budget of $100 million and is due for release in December.