Tonight we see Robert Rakete leave the Dancing with the Stars competition after giving it their best shot over the last six weeks.

Radio host Robert Rakete and former Shortland Street star Shavaughan Ruakere were both voted into the bottom two positions and had to battle it out on the dance floor.

Robert and his dance partner Nicole looked absolutely gutted to be leaving the competition.

"There are two women I want to thank, Nicole for dragging my ass around the dancefloor and the other person is my wife, and my kids and I look forward to meeting you again haha," said Rakete.


"I want to thank everyone at the Breeze and everyone who voted for me, thank you very much."

This week, DWTS show producers introduced a new three-person dance called a 'trio dance,' where dancers have to perform with two other people.

Judges Rachel White, Julz Tocker and Camilla Sacre-Dallerup scored tonight's 2 contestants and their dance partners as follows:

• Jess Quinn, 26 points
• Roger Farrelly, 20 points

Last night's scores were:

• Chris Harris, 27 points
• Samantha Hayes, 26 points
• Suzy Cato, 25 points
• Shavaughan Ruakere, 23 points
• Robert Rakete, 22 points
• David Seymour, 16 points

Top moments from this evening were:

Roger Farrelly

Roger danced the pasodoble to a song called 'Sail' by Awolnation.


"I am a bit wary about dancing now, that what I am a bit worried about," said Farrelly in his pre-dance interview after suffering a humiliating fall on the show last week.

Fans on social media thought he gave it a good crack.

"I feel like Rog has gone rogue for days! It's like you have your own dancing language. I am a huge fan... you get away with it somehow," said Camilla.

"You made a comeback my brother. It was one of your best performances tonight. You looked very comfortable. You stood there, and you spun those girls. You were owning this dance and you stayed in time," said Julz.

"Okay, I liked the spins, but I could tell this dance was a big challenge for you. You were minuscule and 'mamby pamby' at times," said Rachel.

Jess Quinn

Cancer survivor Jess Quinn wowed the live crowd with a stunning dance to 'Hallelujah.'

Fans on Twitter thought she did a wonderful job.

"You have worked a lot on these arms, I can see the development, from changing partner to partner you looked confident in the holds. You adjusted really well," said Julz.

"You went to a magical euphoric land with that dance. Your arm movements you have obviously worked on that. you have this power to show how genuine your character is," said Rachel.

"I think that was my favourite trio over the last couple days, because of the way you blended together. The way you move your arms and have that natural extension, for a beginner that is amazing. There is something about you that makes me feel at ease, I love watching you perform," said Camilla.

Make sure you tune in Sunday night from 7pm and Monday from 7.30pm on Three to see who gets eliminated next week.